Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Podcast: Russ Roberts Talks with Ed Dolan on Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

In early December, Russ Roberts of EconTalk was kind enough to invite me to talk with him for an hour or so for his podcast series. The podcast was posted on January 7. You can listen to it in full here.

Our discussion centers on employer-sponsored health insurance, but toward the end we also get into universal catastrophic coverage as a possible path to reform.


  1. I just listened to that podcast and really enjoyed it! Please tell your daughter and son-in-law that I deeply sympathize with their situation. I have a son with special needs and it has affected my career quite a bit. I don't have the same insurance issue (it sounds like maybe they have a medicaid waiver?) but we have been on wait lists for various therapies, which then makes it very undesirable to move. I wish them the best of luck with everything!

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