Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reading Recommendations for You and Your Students

Living with Water Scarcity, David Zetland. Back in April I posted a review of David Zetland's book that recommended it not only as a short, readable treatment of the high-profile issue of water scarcity, but as a case-study in scarcity and markets in general. Now David has reduced the price of the download version, from $5 to $0. If the $5 put you off when you first read the review, download it for free and read it today. (You can still buy the paper or Kindle versions from Amazon if you prefer).

A People's Endowment, Karl Widerquist. Recently I have posted several items on the idea of a universal basic income (See here and here). These posts have included suggestions as to how a UBI could be financed by replacing or cutting back on existing welfare programs, middle-class tax expenditures, and other budget outlays. Karl Widequist, another supporter of a basic income, is currently writing a book that is scheduled to come out next year. He has recently posted a draft chapter setting out his own views of how a basic income could be financed by setting up a people's endowment, similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund or Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund. It makes good reading as it is, and the author would welcome comments as he works on a final version.

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