Saturday, April 14, 2012

Latest Inflation Data Show Little Sign that Gasoline Prices are Derailing the Recovery

Recently many commentators have worried that rising gasoline prices will derail the fragile recovery of the U.S. economy. The latest inflation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows little sign that any such thing is happening yet.

The headline all-items CPI for urban consumers rose at a 3.54 percent annual rate in March, down from 5.03 percent in February. (I base these rates on the unrounded CPI data supplied by the Cleveland Fed and state monthly data as annual rates.) Read more>>>

Follow this link to view or download a brief slideshow with charts of all the latest CPI data.

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  1. Mr. Dolan:

    As a Brit, I must say things vary from country to country. Whilst we are used to high gas prices because of the taxes, overall inflation has remained above 3pc for 28 months straight. Whatever the government's numbers are, in the daily lives of ordinary people it makes a big difference. Here is the latest piece from the Telegraph: