Saturday, November 5, 2011

US Employment Data: October Job Growth Still Slow but Details Hold a Bit of Good News

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported only 80,000 new payroll jobs in October, still a very slow tempo. However, there was a bit of good news hidden in the revisions for earlier months. The August payroll job figure, originally reported as a shockingly bad zero gain, was revised upward to a more respectable 104,000. September's job growth, in turn, was revised upward from 103,000 to 158,000. Some observers believe that upward revisions are typical of a job market that is beginning to turn the corner toward growth. Optimists can hope this month's 80,000 will eventually be revised up, as well. >>>Read more

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  1. How it ends....

    The Debt-Money-Asset System Macroeconomic Quantum Collapse: The Wilshire's 8 August 2011 3/7/5 of 6/4 Weeks :: x/2.5x/2x/1.6x Collapse. As Ford Motor Company goes, so goes the Global Macroeconomic debt-money-asset system. Nov 5, 2011 1:19 PM November 2011... Ford points the Ford Motor company goes... so goes .....

    October 2006: The last posting in the Economic Fractalist: As GM goes so goes .... Is Saturation Macroeconomics a patterned science...?

    Yes ...... to both the statement and the query ....

    In 2009, GM, wirh 250 billion dollars of debt, ceased to exist - as a derivative asset known as an equity- and as a real company. GM declared bankruptcy with resultant complete losses to stock holder speculators and reduced benefits to 35 year GM employees. This is what happens when bad debt is viewed as a performing asset and thereafter suddenly disapears from the ledgers of those owning the bad debt asset.

    In early 2009 the growth of the equity valuation of Ford emerged before the composite Wilshire. Ford's valuation nadir occurred on 20 February 2009, 11 trading days before the Wilshire's nadir on 6 March 2009. Because weekly time units are broader 5 day strokes, Ford nadir occurred 2 trading weeks before the composite general market reached its defining final fractal unit low.

    Ford's four phase fractal series from its 20 February 2009 low of x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x was 21/52/2x/1.5-1.6x weeks. This represent the classical quantum 1st/2nd/3rd/4th fractal series: three fractal phases of growth and one phase of decay. The debt-money-asset macroeconomic system has integrated and self organized Ford's 3rd and 4th fractals into yet another x'/2.5x'.2x'/1.5-1.6x' 4 phase fractal series with a base fractal of 11 weeks starting on 29 June 2010 for 11/28/22/13 of 17 weeks, The last 17 weeks is again self assembled into another classical Lammert saturation macroeconomic quantum four phase fractal series.

    Within the next four weeks, there will be a historical nonlinear Global Stock Market Crash representing very large time scale second fractal nonlinearity. This is the terminal portion of the 85th quarter of a 34/85 quarter first and second fractal series for the Wilshire and the global interconnected money-debt system system dating to the Wilshire's 1982 nadir low and yo the US thirty year bond's low in 1982.

  2. Part 2

    This historical crash will forever change the debt-money-asset system and the system's present bad rules favoring speculation of trading derivative assets such as equity and commodity futures over savings and promoting unregulated defacto virtual money expansion via financially engineered and highly leveraged derivative exchanges.

    The present rules created by the financial industry's CEOs take unfair advantages with first use and special privileged elite use of the monetary system. It has led to tremendous macroeconomic system debt-money-asset dysequilibrium.

    Uncontrolled debt and money derivative creation and defacto money expansion has resulted in both oversupply and overpricing Housing supply and prices have been falsely elevated by the financial industry Elite's special use and defacto systematic manipulation resulting in the enserfment of world citizens to debt obligations that are disconnected from wages and available jobs.

    The rules have resulted in an enormous of unrepayable bad dedt.

    The creation of the Euro monetary system for 500 million people is linked to the dollar and US debt system and to all major sovereign central banks. A shell game of monetary expansion has been colaboratively concocted by the Euro zone, London, Japanese, and US central banks. Large too big too fail banks and financial corporations have made tens of trillions of dollars of derivative bets on the continuation of sovereign debt repayment.

    It is the system's valuation asset patterns that are self organized by the ongoing dynamics of the macroeconomic system's bounded debt-money-asset interactive and countervailing elements. Default on debt will inevitably occur and in a time based, predictable, and highly quantitative pattern ... Following the above 29 June 2010 11/28/22 week fractal, Ford's final 4th fractal began.

    The 4th decay fractal of 17 weeks started on 8 August 2011 and is also composed of a x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x series of 3/7/5 of 6/4 weeks which will complete the fourth fractal's 17 weeks and the 29 June 2010 four phase 11/28/22/17 week fractal series.

    From the 8 August 2011 low, Ford is following a 12/30/24 of 24-30/18-19 day :: x/2.5x/2x-2,5x/1.6x ideal Lammert four phase quantum Fractal Series.

    The DAX and CAC followed a 9 August 2011 (3)7/17/17 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal with the last 9 days of the 17 day third decay fractal forming an 8-9/21/4 of 22-23 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal whose end low day matches Ford's and the Wilshire's low in 17-18 trading days.

    Assets other than debt and money are valued over a denominator of debt and money. When debt undergoes default, assets have a smaller denominator of money and residual debt.

    The March 2009 Wilshire's empirical second fractal from nadir valuation points was 52 weeks in length and precisely matches Ford Motor Company. The Wilshire's third and fourth fractal summation ideal length should be 74-76 weeks (3.5-6x of the ideal base of 21 weeks)

    For the Wilshire 6 November 2011 represents the 72nd week of a possible 3rd and 4th fractal sum of 74 to 76 weeks

    A macroeconomic system and asset valuations of that macroeconomic system have been massively leveraged by bad rules and unsound debt creation orchestrated by a defacto political-financialindustry-centralbank collaborative group into a very unstable position. A historical decay nonlinearity of equities and commodities will occur within the next 4-6 weeks following one of the two ideal Lammert quantum pathways.

    What is needed now and after the deluge is massive leverage at the real economic end: the people wage earner end - rather than the financial industry end, using sovereign currency for the purpose of citizen wage and job creation at the societally useful and stabilizing level.