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The following slideshows are for your use in teaching or studying economics. Cut-and-paste them into your lectures or assign them as readings. The slideshows are provided under Creative Commons License  Attribution—Share Alike 3.0 . You are free to use them in your class regardless of the textbook you are using, but if you like the slides, you may also want to take a look at my textbook, Introduction to Economics, from BVT Publishing.

New! What is the Nairu and Why Does It Matter? Explains the meaning of the non-accelerating-inflation rate of unemployment (aka natural rate of unemployment) and the role in plays in the formulation of monetary policy.

New! Free Trade Under Fire.  Explains why so many politicians attacked free trade during the 2016 US election campaign. Discusses both invalid and valid (or partially valid) arguments against free trade.

New! Why Does Anyone Think America Should Be More Like Europe? Some Reasons.  European countries outperform the United States according to many indicators of human welfare and social progress.

Case Studies in Supply and Demand
The slideshows in this series cover a variety of topics, including shifts in supply and demand curves vs. movements along the curves, long- vs. short-run supply and demand, and elasticity. They can be used as demonstrations in your lectures, as in-class quizzes, as problems for discussion sections, or as independent reading. All of them were topical at the time they were written, but as study cases, the old ones work just as well as the newer ones.

Fiscal Policy and Taxes 
Banking and Monetary Policy
Growth, inflation, and other macro issues
International issues
Other micro

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